Mom’s Don’t Like Surprises So Make It Sentimental

It all comes down to the thought. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you just had your first child it shouldn’t be either.

My husband got me a locket for our first Christmas together after our son was born.

Somewhere along the way rather than pictures I started keeping kisses from my boys in it. I don’t know if something like that appeals to you but I know I treasure it and wear it all the time. My kids and husband still kiss the inside of it sometimes to I have plenty of kisses stocked up and I can have it with me all the time. Good luck.

My mom got me a charm bracelet for my 1st year. the first charm was a pacifier with my daughters birthstone, each year i get a new charm (usually a milestone or representing a special event that happened that year). Now that my daughter is old enough she goes and picks the charm out with my mother. so nice bonding for them (or for you and your child in the future), i love it, and she is also so proud of herself.

Gifts that make the most impact are those that are coming from the heart.

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